Guldet blev till sand… Gold Rush 2013

Vad hände vid klättermomentet? …eller rätten att få vara riktigt besviken.

Climbing section: Sweco came in about 1.30 H (I think it was evene more) before Bones to the ropes but we left almost 2 H behind Bones after the section. You cant even guess what happened up there. We had no backpacks up at the mountain due to Marshall misstake. We lost not the quite big lead lead, we lost even more time. We lost energy, got de-hydrated (nothing to eat or drink for 5 H +) but we also frooze/shiverred up there, only dressed for a jumarclimb (short tights and a shirt) and not for spending a night up at the mountain. Here we lost the race. Thats a fact. More teams than us had a little confusing time up there but no one in near of what we (the first team to the station) experied. Our plan was to keep the lead after a smooth climbing section and have a quite long sleep after it. Now a struggle to survive the race started instead. The deep freeze for so many hours started to take effect. Not so fun. Own misstakes are easier to deal with (they are your own fault…) than the ones you really cant do anything about. Very very very frustrating. Even more frustration looking back on it. At first you trie to ”cool down” and not put energy on the thing you cant handle yourself (things use to be solved in a fair way at the end) but after being send around on sometimes life threathening efforts to leave the mountain it started to go on our nerves. We tried to make the race become ”ours” again but on the last part of the trekking (being very cold again) the minus situation on energy, sleep and heat started to affect us heavily. At that time of a race it is always hard but now to hard for us to try to ”eat up” time on a team that got about 3H on us for free at the same time we where going down in a minus situation. We pushed but at a special moment during the last bike leg team members where so down that good desicions where hard to take. We are still very disappointed about what happened in this very challenging race with very nice race organisation and with challenging race teams at start line. Congrats to all the podium teams who managed to avoid being caught up at the mountain and keep the focus to the finish line!

/Sweco Adventure (with the right to be disappointed for yet a couple of days….soon we have digested this race and are looking forward to the next race instead)
ps – thanks for following us at our FB page. It is fun and motivating for us to have the support from all of you! ds

Gold Rush 2013